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Look who's having fun collecting stuff!!!

I'm having ym Danbo addiction right now and I'm happy!! ~(^o^~)
Danbo is really cute!! I love it! <3 <3

Also I have been finishing this draft! It's hard but it keeps me busy
(though it takes up most of my time)
I wish I could finish this soon >.<
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Declaration of Library Freedom
1. Libraries have the right to gather materials freely.
2. Libraries have the right to make materials freely available.
3. Libraries protect the privacy of their users.
4. Libraries oppose all censorship.
When the freedom of the library is violated, we librarians will unite and fight to the end to protect its freedom.


Since Toshokan Sensou had infiltrated my twitter page; I got curious about this anime.
It was way back then that my friend told me about a live action with Sota Fukushi on it but it didn't
get me hooked up since I am not a fan of the said actor. But the anime had caught my attention so I asked
for the copy of the movie.

The story revolved around Iku Kasahara who joined the Library Force to protect books and to pursue her Prince!

I was totally ENGROSSED with it!. The first I saw was the movie and it was fabulous!
Sota Fukushi was a side character but he was cool nonetheless. The movie was
the romtom type of film that I love and since it talked about books, I really did love it.
The anime was another thing. I kept on watching it till the movie and SP!
I think I watched it for 2 days and then I read the manga twice!!
Seriously!!! TWICE! and then I moved on to the translated light novel
which consists of 4 books.
(Thank you good soul who translated this fabulous novel: http://toshosen-tsl.livejournal.com/)
You can get the pdf ver of the novel here.


This is a must read/watch! Totally! I love it!! and maybe I think I can
read it over and over again :D :D
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Finally!!! I'm watching Ao Haru Ride Live Action!!
Here it is! Here it is!! But I would really prefer it if Mabuchi Kou is Yamazaki Kento!

I am anticipating Death Note drama!!! I'm happy that Kento would be in it but I
really anticipated Inoo to be L (>.<)I want more Inoo dramas!!
Ahh.. and there's Kamisama no Iutoori Desu! It was a great live action and
Kamiki is so cool! ~(^o^~) He's so cool!!
By the way!! I am back!

I just came from Japan and America. I had fun touring around and buying lots of stuff.

I also saw Robie House by Frank Llloyd Wright! He's a legendary Architect and
seeing this house is like going to Mecca for Architects like me ~(^o^~)
(Anyway, they stil thought that I was a 12-year old girl in America
and they won't give me any wine or hard drinks unless I show them an I.D or something)
Now what did I miss?? Niconico stuff and Osamurai-san stuff and Soraru's pictures in twitter and AMATSUKI AND SHOUNENT going to the beach!! OMG OMG!
they won't show pictures of themselves wearing any swimming trunks!
I wanna see!!! >.< >.< >.<
I am back and definitely flailing!!
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So I therefore conclude that there are a lot of
uatite and vocalop line stickers/ stamp.

The first I learned of was Mafumafu-kun's Mafuteru

and then there were a lot that came out of the search engine afterwards
I found MikitoP's tamago aka Mikitamago!!

Kogeinu-san Stickers

96Neko as well :D She has stickers!!!!

mao-chan and SIN


and then the vocaloid stuff!!

When will Amatsuki-san have his own stickers?? I want!!!
Masamune-kun faster please!!
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Happy Love Day everyone! (advance though)

I'm actually having the time of my life listening to Amatsuki's cover
of Kashi-san's Sayonara dake ga Jinsei da (Life is Nothing but Goodbyes)
I love this song!! and I love Amatsuki's voice and I am so happy he
covered this!! (it makes me want to cry)
I have been playing it over and over and I know my life is complete~

BTW. Zepp Tokyo Live ended well and ShounenT (Sako Tomohisa)
posted a picture of him with Soraru-san~~ all my feels like when I
listened to their Spaceship collab album :D I wish they would do a collab someday.

And then about Ryo-kun. I think I need to stalk his twitter page one of these days.
I just don't know if going to university was his reason for
quitting being an utaite but if ever then I would be really glad for him!!!!
--->> though I must check this one out first ~(^o^~)

Happy flailing day minna!!!

Ryo-kun NAU

Jan. 3rd, 2015 04:14 pm
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2015 and I was flailing until I got news that Ryo-kun, one of my
most favorite utaites, anounced that he will retire as an utaite this 2015.
it totally came as a big shock and I haven't been playing any other songs than what he covered.
I don't want him to quit ~(T__T)~unless he'd be marrying maro-kun then that's fine
but I wonder what's his reason for quitting. Like, he has such a lively awesome voice.
And then this. (T__T) Though I'm pretty sure he has some valid reasons with his decision.
like, marrying maro-kun or baru-chan or work probably and real life.
But it's just sad. 2014 was like Shamuon-kun (and I'm still sad about it) now Ryo-kun.
I haven't been to ETA and I haven't been to his one-man live. (~.~) I was really hoping that
I would be able to be in one in the near future. but I guess that it's impossible now.
I hope he'd be happy with his decision. really. be happy Ryo-kun.
I'll be cheering you on!!!!
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Happy New Year everyone! 2014 was indeed a great year!
Amatsuki's major debut~
Inoo Kei!!
This year was Frozen right? My SoraLon feels! Love is an Open Door
And then there's Samurai X (KAMIKII!!!!)
I was able to see Rurouni Kenshin in flesh with my friend!!
And I was able to draw a lot as well this year (^o^)
I want to see Osamuraisan!! >.<
Though I'm still sad about AFA2014 in Singapore (since I wasn't able to go)
Kashi-san!! Amatsuki-san!!! RootFive!! :(( GERO!! I wasn't able to see you guys but someday for sure, I'll meet you all (T__T)
and that will be my wish for 2015!
Also I have been getting this news that Inoo Kei is gay.
I don't mind though. May he be a real man or if he's a half.
I don't mind. ~(^o^~) I still like Inoo Kei as he is.
(or maybe because I have read some BL stuff that it ain't a
bother anymore???) Inoo be happy!!! build a house for me!

miss you guys! [livejournal.com profile] slants_of_light [livejournal.com profile] tuj_aerish HAPPY FLAILING!!!

By the way, I just finished watching InuxBoku SS (ANIME)
and it was awesome! espeially the OVA ~(^o^~)
I laughed so hard. they were all so adorable :D

I was

Nov. 23rd, 2014 06:20 pm
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I was never a fan of abs... but when my eyes landed on this picture while
scanning my twitter feed.
and now I am obsessed with him O____O
Yamazaki Kento stole my heart with his perfect body!
So now I just finished watching Seikyu Yankees and now I'm watching Yowakutemo Katemasu
just because of this dude.
even though I like Chiba Yudai more but you know.
I just!!!! KENTO YAMAZAKI!!!!!!!
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And I know it's late and I am terribly sad about this one!
I can't go to Singapore!
To think that Kashitarou-san, Amatsuki-san and even Root5 will be there!
ALL MY FEELS!! I was so depressed a while ago.
Anyway, i told my mom that I want to go to Singapore this Dec 5-7
so she checked how much our flight tickets would be but then again..
it was too expensive that she said, we'll go there next time.
SO SAD!!! But I really do hope we'll go to Japan this coming April 2015
By then I'm pretty sure some utaites would have some one-man live or
concerts... right?? right?!?!?!

Who's going anyway? Anyone here in LJ?!


Nov. 11th, 2014 08:44 pm
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I have been travelling! and eating a lot!!!
Due to the nature of my work.. I have to visit a lot of places and experience
a lot of experiences so I have really been busy lately.
and I made sure I had a lot of fun~
But I really miss flailing so much!! and stalking people in twitter ~(^o^~)
so here I am.. starting the daily life of a fangirl again~



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