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admiration is the emotion farthest from comprehension


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Birthdate:Apr 6
Website:My drawings

What you fear is not entirely that surrounds you. There is, that binds you somewhere-- deep within yourself and you are unaware that you are stranded in a standstill of time. You are your own fear. And not until you get to unravel the truth, you won't attain that which you call freedom.

Konnichiwa minna-san! O-genki desu ka?
I'm Hansuke Kimura, born on April 6, 1991, star sign: Aries.. FILIPINA~! <3
I am an Architecture student and mind you, it's a tiring course O.o
(no wonder Inoo is getting thinner every time I see him in pictures and all)
My hobbies are most likely inclined to art. I love to draw, especially inking <3
I also write fanfics (if I have the time and if inspiration would hit me)
Music is also a part of my daily living, i love playing my violin and my guitar :D
Moreover, I am a HUGE JE fan! My ichiban would be Hey Say Jump
and my favorite in the group is Inoo Kei <3 <3 <3
(though, the one who pulled me to JE-fever would be Ikuta Toma)
I love how he confidently plays the piano and when he would throw
such intelligent words. He is the coolest! And then suddenly he took
up Architecture which is the same course I am taking. ureshii~! <3
I am also a fan of different j-bands such as
GreeeeN, WaT, Beat Crusaders, Yui, Aqua Timez, etc..
Moreover, I also love anime and manga.
I am a fan of Arina Tanemura, CLAMP, Hino Matsuri, Koge Donbo
and a lot of manga artists (I did dreamt of becoming one back then)
My drawings and fanfictions, please do visit me :D :D
My DeviantArt
My Fanfics
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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