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Declaration of Library Freedom
1. Libraries have the right to gather materials freely.
2. Libraries have the right to make materials freely available.
3. Libraries protect the privacy of their users.
4. Libraries oppose all censorship.
When the freedom of the library is violated, we librarians will unite and fight to the end to protect its freedom.


Since Toshokan Sensou had infiltrated my twitter page; I got curious about this anime.
It was way back then that my friend told me about a live action with Sota Fukushi on it but it didn't
get me hooked up since I am not a fan of the said actor. But the anime had caught my attention so I asked
for the copy of the movie.

The story revolved around Iku Kasahara who joined the Library Force to protect books and to pursue her Prince!

I was totally ENGROSSED with it!. The first I saw was the movie and it was fabulous!
Sota Fukushi was a side character but he was cool nonetheless. The movie was
the romtom type of film that I love and since it talked about books, I really did love it.
The anime was another thing. I kept on watching it till the movie and SP!
I think I watched it for 2 days and then I read the manga twice!!
Seriously!!! TWICE! and then I moved on to the translated light novel
which consists of 4 books.
(Thank you good soul who translated this fabulous novel: http://toshosen-tsl.livejournal.com/)
You can get the pdf ver of the novel here.


This is a must read/watch! Totally! I love it!! and maybe I think I can
read it over and over again :D :D
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Minna! Hisashiburi!! I feel so bad with not updating myself for so long.
I don't know anything anymore.
(but I still got to watch L-DK movie and I will watch Seikyuu Yankees
afterwards because of Chiba Yudai) o(//////)o
Yes.. I am now crushing on this guy! Honey-sempai in Ouran High Jdrama.
He's adorable!! even if he's already 25 y/o ~(^o^~)

Anyway. I actually don't know anything anymore. (T_T)
Hey Say Jump just had their S3art Concert, right? and just
recently I started listening to their new songs. (all the feels)
Inoo, Daiki and.. was that Keito? singing the "Idol Idol" reminded me
of the girl band BabyMetal. I'm sorry but I really did not like that song (>.<)
Also.. JUMP is... having this variety show? how? when? where? and why?
What was that really?? O.o?? I need some updates.

And my NicoNico fandom. (T____T) WHAT HAPPENED? or what's happening???
and I just found out that VNSharing is dead?
How lnog have I been gone, seriously? O.o!!! I became so absorbed with my
work and with my church band practice that I haven't done any fangirly thing anymore.
I feel so pathetic. (T___T)

I need the fandom love. Where are the niconico fans? utaite fans? doko?!

Well, there are a few niconico artists who will have gigs on Christmas. Sako Tomohisa will have his one man
live? wouldn't he? and by the way, he already has an official LINE account!
so everyone should follow him. ~(^o^~) I do hope COF would have an account as well~ <3
I would love that. Amatsuki! Kashitaro Itou-san! Soraru-san please have LINE accounts!

and if you need a chatmate/ flailmate/ nicomate and JUMPmate add me in LINE as well "hansuke22" ~(*^-^*)~
let's talk about love~ hahaha!!

No, but seriously. What is happening netizens?! a lot of flail sites are going down.
mangatraders suddenly got hacked and now the site is dead.
VNSharing... suddenly went down as well.
And then real life is killing most fangirls so there have been less people here
in livejournal... or have they left LJ and went somewhere else?

There should be a niconico/ utaite/ vocaloid forum groups.
THERE SHOULD BE ONE! utaites and youtaites ~(^o^~)
and let the flailing begin.

Oh well... I'll just have to update myself this weekend with EVERYTHING!
and start stalking some new sites if there are any. i hope there would be.

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I have been meaning to post here for a very long time now.

so there. 

Hi everyone! Hansuke here.

A fangirl a ninja and an artist.

= I am a big fan of japanese stuff! I love anime and manga and I can't live a day 
without reading a manga volume (yes, volume) ~(^o^~)
I don't have a favorite right now but my favorite mangakas are Hino Matsuri,
CLAMP, Koge Donbo, Sakisaka Io... and a lot more :P 
yaoi fan here as well. haha. got influenced by my sempai back then :P

= VOCALOID! I love vocaloid! I love Len and Gumi!! I also listen to a lot of utaites!
My favorite would be COF, most especially Amatsuki and Kashitaro san.
I also like Soraru (SORALON!!) Shamuon(even though he quit already) Nano,
ShounenT (also known as Sako Tomohisa) RIB-SAN!! I love rib's voice~
"rib on rib on" hahaha. Also Wotamin, Ryo-kun and GLUTAMINE SAN!
My favorite enshoushitemitta would be Osamuraisan~ ~(^o^~)

=JE. My favorite would be Hey Say Jump! and my ichiban is Inoo Kei. ~(^o^~)

= I am a descendant~~

= my page would be
I mostly do digiart now but from time to time I do trad art :P

I hope to be active here and make a lot of friends!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!!



Jul. 1st, 2014 10:27 pm
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Since Kamiki will be acting in Bakuman Live Action,
I have been so hooked in reading the manga and then I even
downloaded the whole anime series!! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!
seriously! and the art is really nice ~(^o^~)
The manga inspired me so much that it made me want to draw even more~

My favorite character would be Nizuma Eiji.
He has a very peculiar character and he's really funny! And I love how he loves to draw so much and he can create manga that is interesting and well received by the mass.
I want to be a mangaka like that! (But reality-wise... I can't even draw everyday due to work
and real life) But I really wish I can make a manga or even just a doujinshi... atleast just one ~(^o^~) that would be really nice ~(^o^~)

Ahhh... but everyone should really read this manga! It's HEAVEN!!!!

  • currently watching: Isshukan Friends

  • just finished watching: MekakuCity Actors

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Months passed without any word from me and thus I decided to create a very "meh" blog that shall
infiltrate your pages. I'm back from the dead!!!!!! Reality is killing me and it's no fun being plunged into the world
of adulthood. I miss being young, living in the world of internet and clinging to my bed.
I NEED SOME BROMANCE DRUGS!! *ahem* but lemme write first about what I have been up to. ~(^o^~)
IMG_0536 IMG_0574 IMG_0578
First off are my business trips.Because of my work, I get to travel (sometimes) but what I really do is stare at the computer screen
for hours without blinking and creating some plans and house designs. (~.~") it's fun, i love my job but sometimes
the work just piles up like a storm!! (@__@) I can barely handle it.
IMG_1638 IMG_1692
I also went to Baguio for a site visit. I might frequent this place in the coming days :3 (probably)
Now I'm back in the office, my work has piled up @__@ and because of that I will have less time to flail
and infuse my self with anime/ jdrama drugs'

Anyway..let's go to the main topic!! I have been waiting for this movie since forever!!
download Yokozawa-Takafumi-no-Baai-1-yokozawa-no-baai-34918915-922-1364
Sekai Ichi's Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai Movie!!! It was released in Japan last March 15, 2014 though but I still haven't seen
any links here in the net! (I want to watch it!!) Though I would love another ova or movie about Takano and Ritsu <3
I just love Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi~ I love the story!! and it makes my heart churn whenever I read it~! <3
SKIP BEAT!! I have also become addicted to this manga and have been awaiting the release of a new
chapter every month, (yeah, 1 chapter a month is.. *$@YBDSDCS L!!!! but I love it anyways so I keep on reading it.)
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YES!!! YES!!! Here it is!!!
Meganebu on October 2013~~~ *FLAIL~!* Glasses Club welcomes all megane fanatics!
*raises hand!!* I'll definitely watch this and poison myself with tkun's voice as he sings
the ending theme Colorful World!!!
Hooray for Tkun! That makes it 3 anime series that he was able to sing a theme song
(Kimi to Boku)
(Zetsuen no Tempest)
I'm so proud of you Tkun!! ~(^o^~)


Aug. 10th, 2013 08:52 pm
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I'll be going here with my friend [livejournal.com profile] slants_of_light and my sister [livejournal.com profile] kiirameku
I hope I could cosplay though :(
I bought this Gumi (Vocaloid) wig online and I haven't received it yet.
But I was informed that it was already shipped from the supplier.. so probably next week or next next week I'll
receive it.. but I need it already >.<
Hehe.. one thing as well is that.. I really don't have a costume :P But I can come up with something

If any of you will be there~ let's meet even for a minute would be great (^o^)/
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New recent anime to watch?
Yep, I'm done with Yahari Ore and Chihayafuru season 2
and every saturday is my anime watch day and I'm running out of good anime to watch
and waiting for these anime to update one episode a week is... GGAAAHHH!!! (>.<) I need more anime love!

Anime: Free

Ah! this is a must watch!! I was able to watch episode 4 just a while ago and I cracked up! It was too hilarious!
But seriously!! those BODIES!!! and their pretty eyes! I never thought a swimming anime could be this fun to watch!
My favorite character would be Nagisa and.. definitely Haru~ (^o^)
Rei is just too cute~ (the megane guy) haha!! I bet you'll love him too~ <3

Anime: Brothers Conflict

Is this really an otome game made into an anime? Seriously? I want to play it!I wonder who'll Hinata end up with! I actually want Futo (the idol)
or if not.. one of the triplets (^o^) But I do think everything is going to fast in the anime. Ain't it not? O.o?
By the way, the opening theme was sung by utaite Gero <3 <3 and his voice just rocks~~
Ahh~~ Honey Works~

Anime: Dangan Ronpa

I am actually watching this because Soraru-san sang the ending theme~ His voice~~~
The anime reminds me of an english movie I watched a few years back wherein people were brought to a building
and they had to klll one other and the last person remaining would be able to go home with a suitcase filled with money,
Anyway, it also reminds me of  Battle Royale.
I'm not yet done watching episode 2 but I really want the anime to be a bit more ghore-y!


I need more anime!! If anyone knows of any good anime series please tell me! I need to watch something fun every saturday!
Also, I'm watching Shingek no Kyojin. Everyone seems to love it~ (^o^)

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Summer is eating me whole. the heat. the meet ups with friends. being a house maid...
and all the flailing I must do before I start with my job hunt!
A few days ago, I and my kambal [livejournal.com profile] slants_of_light went to Ozinefest 2013 (^o^)

The picture was taken inside the washroom :P LOL~ I was to concious with cosplaying since it was
just my second time and my costume seemed to shrink. O.o Waaa kambal! maraming salamat sa regalo at sa pagsama sa akin
na imeet si sempai (^o^)

 and I met with my sempai who is an artist (online friend for i think 7 years?)

Her drawings are really pretty! I wish I can draw as well as her XD Sadly though I was only there for a couple of hours since I must be at my mom's office by 5pm to have dinner with the family and my uncle from U.S.

Anyway, I have a few projects this summer. I am continuing with my Hey Say Jump shimejis and as of now, I am making a draft of
Hikaru Yaotome (^o^) Hopefully, I can finish all the base by this week and then color it by next week (^o^) After Hikaru, I will make a shimeji of Yuto Nakajima ^_^ i'm alternating HSBest and HS7 for this. Also, I am writing a fumaken fanfic for my sister. I hope all of these would turn out well :D AAAANNNDDD!!! SHAMUON SERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE INOO KEI!!! GGGAAAAHHH!!!! *flails big time*

THIS!!!!! Mushroom just hooked me with this dance of his!! I really love Calc and then he just made a dance cover!
I FELL IN LOVE <3 <3 <3 everyone must watch this :D haha! If only I'm good at dancing then I could have tried this but sadly
I am a bad dancer :)) =)) so ima just share this ^-^

Lastly.. watch anime everyone! Uta no Prince sama already has a second season and it surely is funky! I love the opening and ending songs!
And then there's Chihayafuru, a must watch as well. (^______________^)
Plus!! Hutner x Hunter 2011 is already done with Greed Island, they're about to start with the .. antic? arctic? those parts with big bugs!
but then.. when will they show Kurapika? I want to see him already (T___T)
shamuon's pic: https://twitter.com/25SongMATE/status/323048025306062849
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I'm back from the ambiguous world of THESIS and College. I'm done with my finals for the sem and my ARCC exam (which is like a pre-board for architecture) It's tough.. and right now... I'm waiting for the results to come out. I just hope I passed.. and my friends as well. if not.. then I'll have to retake it on January (sad.. and very tiring) And I'm very very afraid to fail ・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

But enough of that!! For now I'll take a one week break before doing my thesis again. I really don't know why college is being too harsh on us students!! >.<

And thus my flailing days began~! I am currently watching Sprout (hello arisu_subs)
I was a bit curious of it.. with all the fuss when this was released. hehe :P and the kissing scenes :P But.. it did not follow the original story of the manga, ne? I was a bit disappointed.

And then I started to draw again :D After a month or so.. I finally used my inking pens again.. and it made me so happy.. STRESS FREE~! This is a picture of the trade art I am doing and I haven't finished coloring it :D check more of my drawings www.hansuke22.deviantart.com

watched the following : Arcana Famiglia, SAO, Hunter x Hunter nest stop is Hyouka and BTOOOOM \(^o^)/
can someone please recommend me some more anime? please?

Lastly.. let's talk about destiny and fate. I have been thinking about it recently.. about the red string of fate, your destined partner, forever and eternity.

The Red String of Fate.. is it really attached to that destined person? no matter how far, no matter how long it may take. will the red string really bring us closer to that destined person? It's like.. somehow, I want to believe it to be true but what if it is not? People say, 'everything is destined to happen, there is no such thing as a coincidence.' but do you really believe that everything is destined to happen?

Eh? this is such a hard topic.. maybe I am being influence by Sprout?! ahaha~!


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