halfway XD

Jul. 11th, 2011 09:47 am
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I am halfway through my project in school! but things are getting a bit complicated. ~.~

our professor asked us to have our perspectives scaled, having the right measurements.
Therefore, I used a computer program to finish it.


I am not yet done with it though. I still have to render it
and make it look cool~! <3 <3 <3

Architecture is fun when you do these things (but I really hate model making T__T)
By the way, this is my proposed school for AB students (literature, humanities....)
I hope I will manage to get a good grade. GO ME :D :D

By the way, I made this in google sketchup :D

Rant it Out

Jul. 2nd, 2011 10:57 pm
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I know I said that I'd be on a loooooong HIATUS

I want to write a blog!
Every student has the rightto have TIME for herself.. especially now that I am in college, having 6 days of classes and all of them ends
at 9 in the evening (what kind of schedule is this?) Anyway, 2 more years and I'm out of schooL! >.<

Inoo has 2 more years left in university as well!! (good for him that architecture in
Japan is a 4-year course) but here in my country it's a 5-year course T___T *sad*
Yesterday, I thought of a new quote. I wanted to post it in my facebook but I guess it would be bothersome
for relatives or even close friends and all to be asking about some hidden meaning to it.
Therefore, I'll just post it here XD

"If I am the reason for your dream; then I will be the same reason for that dream to be crushed."

I want to be a bit gentle about it.. but I guess I can't. It's out of my leage and I am a straight forward person
But if it's Inoo-chan then... GO AND AIM FOR YOUR DREAM!!! i'LL DEFINITELY WAIT FOR YOU!!!
lol~! ^________________________^

This is my first time using a green ink or the fact that I am using a different color for the font than black :P
(~.~) I don't want to do my plate but I really have to (~.~) But school ain't fair!! >.<
Everyday, I see those professors and my classmates
and in each day.. I see my family like 3 minutes or less
THAT IS SO SAD!! T_______T
But i have to cope up with it... 2 more years 2 more years >.<

picture printscreened from the manga "Sanchou Shiawase"
Ain't they cute? XD

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Today was my second day of OJT (on-the-job training)
WHEOW~! nothing much but it is somehow tiring but fun :D

I think.. I think.. I made new friends :D
and I can't help but think of
Inoo-chan's case :D

He will be a cool architect someday!! <3 <3 <3
and the things he is studying in second year is like something I study here in our country in 3rd year

he is so cool~!

KKKKYYYYYAAAAA~! he's so cute!! and at the same time




Aug. 7th, 2010 11:27 pm
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*Snuck in to make a quick journal entry*

Hi everyone!! ^___^ I haven't written a journal for such a long time now @__@ and I know, it sucks! School have been eating 90% of my life lately and I haven't had a decent sleep in weeks and now we will be having our preliminary exams.


But that doesn't mean I can't fangirl a little :P

I miss Hey Say Jump!! especially Inoo-sama!!! *all hail* my inspiration as i do my architectural plates and projects and homeworks @__@ When I get my drawing back in history of architecture I'll try and post it here ^__^
 They're so nerd but cool! Inoo, your white skin is blinding me *dies* this reminds me of our modeling project in our Humanities class and I have to model a nerd and emopunk student @__@

clearly an Architecture student. The others had different pics too like Hikaru was holding a bass guitar, Yuto with the drums, Takaki-- well, as cool as ever~! Chinen sitting on a cute student desk (kyaaaa like a little kid listening to his teacher~! so cute)
 i love this picture but did he get thin?? O.o?

and this I pressume is the best!!!!

Thus I am hyped up again *study mode and drafting again...*

Ja ne~!

First day

Jun. 16th, 2010 08:24 pm
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Today's my first day of classes!!!! Architecture, third year! GO ME!!!! the bad part was that we had to draw on the first day a unit in a condominum
+ floor plan scale 1:50
+ longitudinal section
+ interior perspective
5 hours all in all... pencil... and that's that
I wonder if Inoo also does these kind of things!
Gambatte Inoo-chan XD Architecture sure is tough so hang in there!
I miss Arashi, I miss Ikuta Toma, I miss NEWS, I miss Teppei and WaT

I guess i must start writing again: PROSPECT FANFIC (card captor sakura, as always)
Title: His Discomfort (coming soon) :P lolz~!


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