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      Sembreak started a few weeks back and I have become a real B-U-M!
I have done nothing but to eat, sleep, internet
And that's how my life is right now. I haven't done anything
related to school, not even a sketch or whatever.
I have just been living my life as it is. DOING NOTHING.
And it's fun~! :D this is what you call LIFE!!! School just eats your hours from you
so better do something productive and prioritize yourself.
IT'S ME TIME~~~~!!! And that means, more jdramas to watch!! More mangas to read!!!
Bum wa SAIKO!!! :D :D :D ahahaha.. And I have finished watching Ouran High Live Action
as well as Ikemen Desu Ne. Now I'm watching Seito Shokun and Horikita Maki
is so pretty :D :D And now that I have seen her together with Hongo Kanata
I do bet that they'd look good together :D :D Even though Maki is older, hey!
Nothing's wrong with it :P It would be nice if they're in
a drama together again :D But i still go for MakixToma :D still and forever a fan :D

GreeeeN's newest PV :d with Okada Masaki :D Hmmm... but why do I get the feeling that it is different that their previews songs? Or maybe I am just tired and I want to sleep?

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Hello Sembreak!!! I am off rfom school and until this long break is not through, I'm not gonna touch anything related to school!! ALL TIME PARTY PARTY!!!!! I need to rewire my brain and start being a BUM!! :D :D :D

So what have I been doing? Let me see... I have been drawing my characters for my friend's story "Tales of Mysteria" and I have just inked my female character and today, I hope to finish coloring it (the tradional way... colored pencils)


When it comes to Korean stuff.. my number one would always be Jang Geun Suk and the first time I was able to watch him was in "You're Beautiful" He was so cool in there and his voice was heaven sent!

Uwaa.. I want to be Mary and marry him!! <3 <3 <3 this girl is sooo lucky!  I was so jealous with their kissing scene~! *heaven* ^______^ He;s the hottest Korean guy I have ever seen :D
(and this is my own personal opinion... so don't get me wrong.. if you want to say this other guy is hotter then suit yourself ^_^)

And then.. Kaibutsu'kun Movie!!! It will be out on November 26 and I really really   REALLY!!! want to watch it so bad! I wanna see it as soon as possible.. subbing groups.. PLEASE sub as soon as possible <3 for the LOVE~!
Concerning GreeeeN. any news on their Green Boys Project?

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Yeah I know.. most of you have
ahready posted something
about this topic-- but I
still want to write about it!!
<3 <3 <3

Korean: You're Beautiful will have a
japanese version too
and take note

Hikaru Yaotome

is one of the lead characters
probably the supporting actor
but still!!


and after Orthros no Inu
he's back to business!
Ican't wait to see this and download it as soon as possible!!


Did anyone join the Green Boys Project?
I did :D and I have already submitted
a picture of me and two of my closest
friends in college :D and our picture is in the
seventh page :D

I'm so happy for that! ^___^ GO JAPAN!!


Ny the way, Inoo Kei's birthday is near~! <3 <3 <3


May. 14th, 2011 04:26 pm
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My friend told me about GREEEN's project and sent me the link
of the post where she read it from

SALAMAT!! ^_____^

And it sent my heart to racing! I have been a big fan of GREEEN ever since I have seen the jdrama


(starring Eita, Ikuta Toma and Ishihara Satomi) and mhen I was hooked up
with the song "SETSUNA" which was sang by


ang thus I have downloaded their newest song
entitled "GREEN BOYS" and they have dedicated it to the
victims of the March 11, Earthquake and Tsunami.
If you like please do visit the site
and be a fan of greeen like me XD ahahaha


Shedding those tears, isnt it a cryin shame?
But, if you stop movinʼ right now, nothingʼs ever, gonna ever change. But, if you stop movin right now, nothings ever, gonna ever change.

But, if you stop movin right now, nothings ever, gonna ever change.


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