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My icons in Deviantart ^___^
A few days back I had the strangest dream ever and I really don't know why I dreamt about it but it went like this
Anyone knows about Junjou Romantika? O.o? Yes, the manga or the anime
It seems as though in my dream... they state that it will have a live action.

I know... HOW WILL THEY DO IT?? O.o?? Add to that... it's a yaoi manga/anime.
and red alert to that! NOT FOR KIDS :)) =)) but seriously.. what if it really would have a live action?? :D :D
I guess I will be interested with it out of pure curiousity and... I WANT THE GUYS TO BE BISHIES!!!!
The day after that... I dreamt of Ookiku Furikabutte. I was playing baseball with them.
WWAAAAIII!!! dream come true! <3 <3 <3 
I have been addicted to this anime this whole summer. BANZAI BASEBALL! BANZAI HIGH SCHOOL! BANZAI!!!
I hope they'll have season 3 of it since it really is interesting! I love Oofuri~! <3 <3 <3
Now I want to watch it again~! 
Lastly.. I'm back to Vocaloid madness~! ^____________________^
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Goodbye Sembreak! Happy Days are over! Hello Reality!
I have to pack up my school stuff and get ready. T_T
I still don't want to go to school and kill myself with a TON of projects
Oh no.. sleepless nights and all T____T *sad*
I even thought that school was your second home...
Why does it kill us? T_________T
Oh well, the gist of life

This is Hansuke Kimura (my last drawing for the break) I haven't even colored it. boohoo~
Oh and if you have seen my previous drawing (Maura Kimura), Hansuke is her twin brother :D a
nd they are my characters for my friend's project "Tales of Mysteria"
Hansuke is a sargeant ninja (something I made up) and he has an arrogant attitude
but that's what makes it more fun~! :D :D I hope his story goes well and I can't wait
to read it~!
MINNA! GAMBATTE with school, okay? :D :D love you guys~! <3 <3 <3

Goth it Up

Jun. 11th, 2010 02:44 pm
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My new drawings this week~! traditional art and a digital one..
I tried out inking it diigitally (my first time even) and using a pen too! wow~! it makes life easier XD

a priest.. so I say O.O I don't know what background that's why it's empty ^___^

this is my digital outlined one (photoshop has done it again) kinda smooth and I like it XD next stop is to color it!!!


link: www.hansuke22.deviantart.com  (please visit me) thanks ^____^

anyone has a dvd of card captor sakura?? can I borrow please? O.o?


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