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A made a Chinen Shimeji. a desktop buddy for your computers~!
Feel free to grab it and play with Chii~! <3 <3 <3
download here:

And a year ago I also made an Ino Kei Shimeji :D
download here:

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I'm back from the ambiguous world of THESIS and College. I'm done with my finals for the sem and my ARCC exam (which is like a pre-board for architecture) It's tough.. and right now... I'm waiting for the results to come out. I just hope I passed.. and my friends as well. if not.. then I'll have to retake it on January (sad.. and very tiring) And I'm very very afraid to fail ・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

But enough of that!! For now I'll take a one week break before doing my thesis again. I really don't know why college is being too harsh on us students!! >.<

And thus my flailing days began~! I am currently watching Sprout (hello arisu_subs)
I was a bit curious of it.. with all the fuss when this was released. hehe :P and the kissing scenes :P But.. it did not follow the original story of the manga, ne? I was a bit disappointed.

And then I started to draw again :D After a month or so.. I finally used my inking pens again.. and it made me so happy.. STRESS FREE~! This is a picture of the trade art I am doing and I haven't finished coloring it :D check more of my drawings www.hansuke22.deviantart.com

watched the following : Arcana Famiglia, SAO, Hunter x Hunter nest stop is Hyouka and BTOOOOM \(^o^)/
can someone please recommend me some more anime? please?

Lastly.. let's talk about destiny and fate. I have been thinking about it recently.. about the red string of fate, your destined partner, forever and eternity.

The Red String of Fate.. is it really attached to that destined person? no matter how far, no matter how long it may take. will the red string really bring us closer to that destined person? It's like.. somehow, I want to believe it to be true but what if it is not? People say, 'everything is destined to happen, there is no such thing as a coincidence.' but do you really believe that everything is destined to happen?

Eh? this is such a hard topic.. maybe I am being influence by Sprout?! ahaha~!


Sep. 24th, 2011 09:11 pm
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Happy Anniversary to my Beloved Hey Say Jump~!
KAMPAI! Let's eat cakes and drink colas~!

And this is my PP (profile picture) in facebook for a while since it's JUMP-10 time XD
 More or less it has been four whole years since Hey Say Jump has debuted.

Chinen was so cute back then but now he's so cool
He has been challenging himself with his acrobatic skills :D
Yamada is still cool as ever, his dance moves are getting better each time
and his voice rocks~! but I still miss the little him in Tantei Q
Ryutaro is not using the red gradeschool backpack anymore :D and I hope he's doing well in school
(ai tai ryu-chan!)
Yuto... YUTO!!! He grew so HANDSOME! O.O! and he was eventually so cute in Nobuta wo Produce
as Kame's little brother what's with the growth spurt? and the drums! XD KAKKOI!
Keito, the english dude~! he has been building up his body, noh?
and he plays the guitar so well! I am impressed XD
Takaki.. more and more hairstyles.
I miss his Kumo no Ito XP
Daiki-chan~! so cute! up until now XD
It's ok if you don't grow anymore, there's still a lot of fans flailing over you!
Yabu! you're still thin as ever, but we don't mind! You still rock
and do more theatres! (i forgot what that was called O_o)
Hikaru and his blonde ringo hair ^__^ Ain't he lovely?
<3 <3 I really love this talented punk!
Inoo my love so sweet~! <3 <3 <3 now in college and studying
real hard! GAMBATTE NE!
Happy Anniversary Hey Say Jump! keep on growing strong!
Jump-10 forever!


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