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GUYS! If you're bored and you want to be back to
the FLAILING BUSINESS and to acquire that nose bleeding flailing sensation
then I tell you. I recommend that you watch
I know it's bloody and gore at the very first scene. But I tell you!
Toma's such a fabulous actor. I want to marry him!
nou otoko_toma1
He got the role perfectly! He was a real killer...
with a fantastic hot and not to mention very HOT BODY! THE ABS PEOPLE!

and his damn hot stoic face!! Toma was not the Nakatsu I knew from Hana Kimi
He was very different here in Nou Otoko!
He even looks handsome with that hairstyle! So geeky yet cool and you know what.. I never saw him blink his eyes in this movie O.o

At the very end of the movie, you'll find yourself fainting for that 1 second Toma smile~ and after
that 1 second, he'd revert back to the stoic robot killer. He can do that!
He's a pro actor! Toma is the best~~
KKKYYYAAAA!! I was flailing the whole time I was watching the movie!
ALL my feels for Toma my very first JE crush!


Jan. 7th, 2013 11:05 pm
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Al my feels for my first JE crush (and for the person who brought me to the JE WORLD)

Ikuta Toma~
i'm currently watching Hanamizuki  and I just can't help but remember all this feels before I became an Inoo loyalis
I first got into Toma because of Hana Kimi and I just love his personality there. It really suits him. Funky, confused and GAY Nakatsu!
Most especially the nose bleeding Ikuta Toma even had my cellphone wallpaper changed to him and his "Ore wa Homo janai" as my message alert tone. If only Johnny would let him debut (I want a Tomapi unit)
 I doubt anyone would miss the chance to fall in love with hi e's just... the best! and He looks like Koike Teppei O.o back then I thought they were relatives but I guess I was wrong. oh well~ :P
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Me and my friend (still dont know how to tag a user)  had a blast celebrating his birthday
with crepes~! It was my first time eating that kind of crepe from
that store (CREPES AND CREAM) and it was good
but I had a hard time eating it since I kept on spilling the melted ice cream O.O
But, being so happy the all day it makes me sad on the evening. T__T
Suddenly there is a rumor that Yamapi and Ryo will leave NEWS.
I hope it's not true T____T

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It's October minna! And you know what that means!

It;s Ikuta Toma's grand day~! It's almost his birthday and I can't wait.
I wonder what I'll do?. Oh, but I want to eat a cake so
I and my friend must prepare for this! :D :D :D
It has been so long since I was in this JE fandom and Toma was my very first crush!
I think I was in 4th year high school back then when I first saw him in Hana Kimi!
(or was that in third year) He's the BEST! ^__^
and I can't wait for his Genji no Monogatari XD I do hope it will have a dvd copy so I can
download it @___@ (HOPEFULLY!!! PLEASE)
Minna, what are your plans for Toma's birthday? :D :D :D
DUM DUM DUM!!!! Sembreak is near! *PARTEH!*
I have been dying to sleep all day and finish watching all the dramas that I want to watch!
This will be an all-nighters~! and then.. I want to paint, suddenly I have this urge to learn
water color O.o though I really suck at painting I hope I'd do good :D
Omae ga Kamisama no puresento?


May. 14th, 2011 04:26 pm
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My friend told me about GREEEN's project and sent me the link
of the post where she read it from

SALAMAT!! ^_____^

And it sent my heart to racing! I have been a big fan of GREEEN ever since I have seen the jdrama


(starring Eita, Ikuta Toma and Ishihara Satomi) and mhen I was hooked up
with the song "SETSUNA" which was sang by


ang thus I have downloaded their newest song
entitled "GREEN BOYS" and they have dedicated it to the
victims of the March 11, Earthquake and Tsunami.
If you like please do visit the site
and be a fan of greeen like me XD ahahaha


Shedding those tears, isnt it a cryin shame?
But, if you stop movinʼ right now, nothingʼs ever, gonna ever change. But, if you stop movin right now, nothings ever, gonna ever change.

But, if you stop movin right now, nothings ever, gonna ever change.

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The question still remains un-answered and only one person knows the outcome of it all.

Kaname Kuran or Zero Kiryuu????


I am now re-reading the manga Vampire Knight to get some inspiration and since I scanned through my shoujo beat magazine and stumbled upon a chapter of it's manga I started flailing over Zero again~! (I am a huge fan of Zero) and I do want him to end up with Yuki whatever the cost may be >.<

but that will all depend on the mangaka, ne? (HINO MATSURI)

Speaking about the mangaka... I love her works especially Meru Puri <3 <3 <3

I love the clothes, the drawings, the plot and everything about her works! o.O!
I wish I can draw like her~! :D :D sensei~! <3


Moving on to the next topic, I heard a rumor that Ouran High School Host Club will have a live action... drama?
If this one is
TRUE please o please o please be true!!! I want Ikuta Toma in the cast and Horikita Maki too~! XD

I look forward to this one~!


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