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Nov. 23rd, 2014 06:20 pm
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I was never a fan of abs... but when my eyes landed on this picture while
scanning my twitter feed.
and now I am obsessed with him O____O
Yamazaki Kento stole my heart with his perfect body!
So now I just finished watching Seikyu Yankees and now I'm watching Yowakutemo Katemasu
just because of this dude.
even though I like Chiba Yudai more but you know.
I just!!!! KENTO YAMAZAKI!!!!!!!
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Remember when I said that I was hooked with Skip Beat?
and I watched the Taiwanese drama of it and re-read the manga for the second time?
ahaha!! This time, my friend and I had a little chat about.. what if there will be a jdrama of it?
So we were contemplating on which artists  would suit the role!
For Tsuruga Ren.. it was a hard decision. I had to seriously think about it but I can only think of one person.
Black-White-Ren-skip-beat-2469596-576-915 ikuta toma_03
Because Toma is a very cool actor and for me... he's my BIAS! I don't think an Arashi member would fit the role (sorry)
and I thought of Osamu Mukai as well but.. Toma really has a different aura and I feel like he would definitely fit Tsuruga Ren~
and!! I want to see him have blonde and clean hair~ ~(^o^~)

For Fuwa Sho.. probably Hikaru Yaotome or Yuta Tamamori! or or.. Miura Shohei!
fuwashoHikaru2 270px-Tamamori_Yuta
hehe~ but I think there are other more actors who might suit the role
For Mogami Kyoko.
the lead in Switch Girl Nishiuchi Mariya!! She will definitely pull this character!!!
And she's so pretty! and she looks ok with the young Kuon~~!! uuuwwaaaa jdrama of this please!!!


Jan. 7th, 2013 11:05 pm
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Al my feels for my first JE crush (and for the person who brought me to the JE WORLD)

Ikuta Toma~
i'm currently watching Hanamizuki  and I just can't help but remember all this feels before I became an Inoo loyalis
I first got into Toma because of Hana Kimi and I just love his personality there. It really suits him. Funky, confused and GAY Nakatsu!
Most especially the nose bleeding Ikuta Toma even had my cellphone wallpaper changed to him and his "Ore wa Homo janai" as my message alert tone. If only Johnny would let him debut (I want a Tomapi unit)
 I doubt anyone would miss the chance to fall in love with hi e's just... the best! and He looks like Koike Teppei O.o back then I thought they were relatives but I guess I was wrong. oh well~ :P
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I'm back from the ambiguous world of THESIS and College. I'm done with my finals for the sem and my ARCC exam (which is like a pre-board for architecture) It's tough.. and right now... I'm waiting for the results to come out. I just hope I passed.. and my friends as well. if not.. then I'll have to retake it on January (sad.. and very tiring) And I'm very very afraid to fail ・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

But enough of that!! For now I'll take a one week break before doing my thesis again. I really don't know why college is being too harsh on us students!! >.<

And thus my flailing days began~! I am currently watching Sprout (hello arisu_subs)
I was a bit curious of it.. with all the fuss when this was released. hehe :P and the kissing scenes :P But.. it did not follow the original story of the manga, ne? I was a bit disappointed.

And then I started to draw again :D After a month or so.. I finally used my inking pens again.. and it made me so happy.. STRESS FREE~! This is a picture of the trade art I am doing and I haven't finished coloring it :D check more of my drawings www.hansuke22.deviantart.com

watched the following : Arcana Famiglia, SAO, Hunter x Hunter nest stop is Hyouka and BTOOOOM \(^o^)/
can someone please recommend me some more anime? please?

Lastly.. let's talk about destiny and fate. I have been thinking about it recently.. about the red string of fate, your destined partner, forever and eternity.

The Red String of Fate.. is it really attached to that destined person? no matter how far, no matter how long it may take. will the red string really bring us closer to that destined person? It's like.. somehow, I want to believe it to be true but what if it is not? People say, 'everything is destined to happen, there is no such thing as a coincidence.' but do you really believe that everything is destined to happen?

Eh? this is such a hard topic.. maybe I am being influence by Sprout?! ahaha~!
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I am so happy I'm done with my fourth year of college!! (hopefully i get good grades or else.. I might repeat the sem) O.o
and that would be a burden.. but enough of that for now.. I WANNA PARTEH HARD!!!
and that means flailing all day long :D
I haven't touched my LJ for such a long time.. and I know I must update!! @___@
date date update!!
I am so high, I don't know how high I am O.o
but oh well.. time to watch some jdramas again and currently I am watching
Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta
In short.. a drama of Kento <3 wheow~! time to do this!

I really want to see the cherry blossoms.. but there are no cherry blossoms in
my country (T___________________________T)


May. 20th, 2011 08:19 pm
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and I was still in high school??
when this became a big hit..
and since then, I was hoping for it to become
a live action!!

<3 <3 <3


I wonder who will the casts be XD
but as for Suou Tamaki and Haruhi Fujioka
they had already set them with

Yuusuke Yamamoto

Haruna Kawaguchi

more info on: http://www.jefusion.com/2011/05/live-action-ouran-high-jdrama-series.html


May. 14th, 2011 04:26 pm
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My friend told me about GREEEN's project and sent me the link
of the post where she read it from

SALAMAT!! ^_____^

And it sent my heart to racing! I have been a big fan of GREEEN ever since I have seen the jdrama


(starring Eita, Ikuta Toma and Ishihara Satomi) and mhen I was hooked up
with the song "SETSUNA" which was sang by


ang thus I have downloaded their newest song
entitled "GREEN BOYS" and they have dedicated it to the
victims of the March 11, Earthquake and Tsunami.
If you like please do visit the site
and be a fan of greeen like me XD ahahaha


Shedding those tears, isnt it a cryin shame?
But, if you stop movinʼ right now, nothingʼs ever, gonna ever change. But, if you stop movin right now, nothings ever, gonna ever change.

But, if you stop movin right now, nothings ever, gonna ever change.

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The storm's over our place and thus we don't have classes-- and thus I am now free to write an entry today! :D but it's too cold and last night there were no electricity and the wind was blowing hard on my window that I thought it would fall down on me.



What have I been up to? School for that fact and watching Kimi wa Petto. I know I am outdated but that's fine :D Try and watch it too, Matsumoto Jun is really cute and cool and lovely~! You'll fall in love with him more and more :D

I read the manga last summer and I say this will be a nice drama :D and then I learned that Korea will make a drama on it too!! Starring Jang Geun Suk~! (but I still have to confirm it though)
I still have to cut this short since I have a lot of projects to do :P Tooloo~!






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