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Declaration of Library Freedom
1. Libraries have the right to gather materials freely.
2. Libraries have the right to make materials freely available.
3. Libraries protect the privacy of their users.
4. Libraries oppose all censorship.
When the freedom of the library is violated, we librarians will unite and fight to the end to protect its freedom.


Since Toshokan Sensou had infiltrated my twitter page; I got curious about this anime.
It was way back then that my friend told me about a live action with Sota Fukushi on it but it didn't
get me hooked up since I am not a fan of the said actor. But the anime had caught my attention so I asked
for the copy of the movie.

The story revolved around Iku Kasahara who joined the Library Force to protect books and to pursue her Prince!

I was totally ENGROSSED with it!. The first I saw was the movie and it was fabulous!
Sota Fukushi was a side character but he was cool nonetheless. The movie was
the romtom type of film that I love and since it talked about books, I really did love it.
The anime was another thing. I kept on watching it till the movie and SP!
I think I watched it for 2 days and then I read the manga twice!!
Seriously!!! TWICE! and then I moved on to the translated light novel
which consists of 4 books.
(Thank you good soul who translated this fabulous novel: http://toshosen-tsl.livejournal.com/)
You can get the pdf ver of the novel here.


This is a must read/watch! Totally! I love it!! and maybe I think I can
read it over and over again :D :D
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I have been meaning to post here for a very long time now.

so there. 

Hi everyone! Hansuke here.

A fangirl a ninja and an artist.

= I am a big fan of japanese stuff! I love anime and manga and I can't live a day 
without reading a manga volume (yes, volume) ~(^o^~)
I don't have a favorite right now but my favorite mangakas are Hino Matsuri,
CLAMP, Koge Donbo, Sakisaka Io... and a lot more :P 
yaoi fan here as well. haha. got influenced by my sempai back then :P

= VOCALOID! I love vocaloid! I love Len and Gumi!! I also listen to a lot of utaites!
My favorite would be COF, most especially Amatsuki and Kashitaro san.
I also like Soraru (SORALON!!) Shamuon(even though he quit already) Nano,
ShounenT (also known as Sako Tomohisa) RIB-SAN!! I love rib's voice~
"rib on rib on" hahaha. Also Wotamin, Ryo-kun and GLUTAMINE SAN!
My favorite enshoushitemitta would be Osamuraisan~ ~(^o^~)

=JE. My favorite would be Hey Say Jump! and my ichiban is Inoo Kei. ~(^o^~)

= I am a descendant~~

= my page would be
I mostly do digiart now but from time to time I do trad art :P

I hope to be active here and make a lot of friends!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!!



Jul. 1st, 2014 10:27 pm
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Since Kamiki will be acting in Bakuman Live Action,
I have been so hooked in reading the manga and then I even
downloaded the whole anime series!! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!
seriously! and the art is really nice ~(^o^~)
The manga inspired me so much that it made me want to draw even more~

My favorite character would be Nizuma Eiji.
He has a very peculiar character and he's really funny! And I love how he loves to draw so much and he can create manga that is interesting and well received by the mass.
I want to be a mangaka like that! (But reality-wise... I can't even draw everyday due to work
and real life) But I really wish I can make a manga or even just a doujinshi... atleast just one ~(^o^~) that would be really nice ~(^o^~)

Ahhh... but everyone should really read this manga! It's HEAVEN!!!!

  • currently watching: Isshukan Friends

  • just finished watching: MekakuCity Actors

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Months passed without any word from me and thus I decided to create a very "meh" blog that shall
infiltrate your pages. I'm back from the dead!!!!!! Reality is killing me and it's no fun being plunged into the world
of adulthood. I miss being young, living in the world of internet and clinging to my bed.
I NEED SOME BROMANCE DRUGS!! *ahem* but lemme write first about what I have been up to. ~(^o^~)
IMG_0536 IMG_0574 IMG_0578
First off are my business trips.Because of my work, I get to travel (sometimes) but what I really do is stare at the computer screen
for hours without blinking and creating some plans and house designs. (~.~") it's fun, i love my job but sometimes
the work just piles up like a storm!! (@__@) I can barely handle it.
IMG_1638 IMG_1692
I also went to Baguio for a site visit. I might frequent this place in the coming days :3 (probably)
Now I'm back in the office, my work has piled up @__@ and because of that I will have less time to flail
and infuse my self with anime/ jdrama drugs'

Anyway..let's go to the main topic!! I have been waiting for this movie since forever!!
download Yokozawa-Takafumi-no-Baai-1-yokozawa-no-baai-34918915-922-1364
Sekai Ichi's Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai Movie!!! It was released in Japan last March 15, 2014 though but I still haven't seen
any links here in the net! (I want to watch it!!) Though I would love another ova or movie about Takano and Ritsu <3
I just love Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi~ I love the story!! and it makes my heart churn whenever I read it~! <3
SKIP BEAT!! I have also become addicted to this manga and have been awaiting the release of a new
chapter every month, (yeah, 1 chapter a month is.. *$@YBDSDCS L!!!! but I love it anyways so I keep on reading it.)


Jun. 17th, 2012 10:57 pm
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Sometimes.. I wish the things that happen in anime and manga would be possible in real life.

from the manga: Parfait Tic

the cake we bought for Father's Day~! <3 We love you Daddi :D :D :D *nom nom* cake~!


Jun. 10th, 2012 07:50 pm
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Print Screen from Parfait Tic
(sadly the manga translation has been dropped) I wonder why?
I even love this manga *sad*

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My icons in Deviantart ^___^
A few days back I had the strangest dream ever and I really don't know why I dreamt about it but it went like this
Anyone knows about Junjou Romantika? O.o? Yes, the manga or the anime
It seems as though in my dream... they state that it will have a live action.

I know... HOW WILL THEY DO IT?? O.o?? Add to that... it's a yaoi manga/anime.
and red alert to that! NOT FOR KIDS :)) =)) but seriously.. what if it really would have a live action?? :D :D
I guess I will be interested with it out of pure curiousity and... I WANT THE GUYS TO BE BISHIES!!!!
The day after that... I dreamt of Ookiku Furikabutte. I was playing baseball with them.
WWAAAAIII!!! dream come true! <3 <3 <3 
I have been addicted to this anime this whole summer. BANZAI BASEBALL! BANZAI HIGH SCHOOL! BANZAI!!!
I hope they'll have season 3 of it since it really is interesting! I love Oofuri~! <3 <3 <3
Now I want to watch it again~! 
Lastly.. I'm back to Vocaloid madness~! ^____________________^


Jun. 3rd, 2011 02:46 pm
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Today I am re-watching HSJ Summary 2010 XD oh yeah~!
this just sets the mood at the right... mood :P
Hey Say Jump is the best XD
though... I still haven't got a sub for this
but it's fine~! as long as I can see them
then I can feel the LOVE~!


I finished my drawing already and it took me a week to finish coloring it
T_____T hurrah T____T

I want to make this a bookmark :P
(this is not the original I have it in)
please do check it out if you have the time ^____^

Manga for the Week
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Love Allergy
  • La Corda d'Oro Primo Passo


May. 26th, 2011 10:36 am
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I am now in my last 2 weeks of summer break
after having my OJT at PHES
finishing 107 hrs ^____^

that is 107 of 2000+ hrs 
but what can I do? I want my summer T___T

So I started drawing again :D :D :D
I still trying to finish this one...
haven't colored it

I was trying to make something up like
Copernicus suggested heliocentric
Ptolemy proposed geocentric
but I guess I can say that mime would be
Inoocentric <3
CORNY!!! :)) ahahahaha!!

I got this from a manga called "FLAT"
it's water color isn't it??
It's so pretty that it makes me want to paint too

try reading it :D it's nice XD

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The question still remains un-answered and only one person knows the outcome of it all.

Kaname Kuran or Zero Kiryuu????


I am now re-reading the manga Vampire Knight to get some inspiration and since I scanned through my shoujo beat magazine and stumbled upon a chapter of it's manga I started flailing over Zero again~! (I am a huge fan of Zero) and I do want him to end up with Yuki whatever the cost may be >.<

but that will all depend on the mangaka, ne? (HINO MATSURI)

Speaking about the mangaka... I love her works especially Meru Puri <3 <3 <3

I love the clothes, the drawings, the plot and everything about her works! o.O!
I wish I can draw like her~! :D :D sensei~! <3


Moving on to the next topic, I heard a rumor that Ouran High School Host Club will have a live action... drama?
If this one is
TRUE please o please o please be true!!! I want Ikuta Toma in the cast and Horikita Maki too~! XD

I look forward to this one~!


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