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Lately, I have been reading a lot of rumours about utaites
being hated and targeted of these negativity.

The fact that there is something like this is really
saddening. These people didn't even do anything to receive
all these hate. They all just took a step forward in order
to achieve their dreams. They just want to sing, play with music, draw
and to have fun!

I am happy for them though and I really support them
and their activities (though I am so far away and can't even go
to their live concerts and I don't even have time to watch their
live chats/ namahousous) I love listening to their music! I love every single
time they would upload a song for everyone to listen.

Before NND, what lives have these utaites had? Based on
their interviews and namahousous.. before, some were nobodies;
some would be bullied and some would never had thought of being able to go
this far. Amatsuki for one was once bullied. But I love Amatsuki!
I was very happy watching his Hello World DVD Tour. I even almost cried
at his speech at the end (he looks so cute being all teary-eyed)
 Shamuon... I really like him when he is singing, though he has a low
self-esteem but if he's happy with his new life now, then I will support his decision.
Rib as well hid the fact that he was singing nd uploading videos in NND from his
family, (he's so cute) he even had a bad sense of style and Soraru helped him shop
for new clothes back then. He was even so happy and giddy when
he had his very first solo live and utaites who were there to watch
really encouraged him! (I wish I were there). Soraru and Mafumafu are doing
their best as well! They're composing songs and for sure they will be making a
lot of albums too :D ShounenT became a singer!! And he was able to sing a Pokemon
theme song! Though back then, people were saying that Tkun is better off singing
without a guitar, but now. HE IS A STAR!!! He still continues to sing and play
with the guitar! I admire Sako Tomohisa and I will forever love his songs!

But NND was a stepping stone for them. They had good friends, they were able
to be themselves, they sing, dance, play with music and basically have fun. I am sure
NND is the place they found for themselves and I'm glad I found this fandom.
I love listening to music and I'm happy these people keep on making good songs!
Cheers for another year!!

-->> This is just a ramble on my part
Tokyo Ghoul is a good anime!


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