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Nov. 12th, 2011 10:27 pm
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That's the word that would describe this new unit in JE.
Anyone started becoming their fan? ^_^
I for one am intrigued with their future development. Aren't you excited? :D :D
And thus, minna :D let's all support them XD

Want more??
Just click the link below:

news news

Apr. 27th, 2011 10:54 pm
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There have been a lot of good news lately this summer, ne?! :D :D

First was Shounen Club and Yan Yan Jumping :D
That was the best ever!! BANZAI!!!!
then Toma's brother became a newscaster of a... something O.O but then again.. it was hard looking for his picture. I wonder how he looks like? I bet he's hot just like his big brother XD or maybe cute like Teppei (since Toma and Teppei do REALLY!! and I mean REALLY!! do look alike... just like siblings) but then again, they're not related to each other -.-

Next would be Yuto's younger brother was announced to become an actor too! Not a Johnny though but it's still great ain't it? :D

Oh I do look for ward to that XD


Summer summer summer. and this is the end of y summer. I have to get my OJT (on the job training) soon or else I'd be a bummer. O.O
even though it's so hot here in our country and it makes me laze around... this just won't do...





NNNAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm gonna sleep all day!!! XD XD XD

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Last sunday night I was watching Shounen Club (Shokura) *flail flail*

But what cought my attention (as i ran from my room to the sala and saw the television open and found that it was already in JR Coluseum and saw Nakajima Kento (rist time close up) and smirked....



I TELL YOU!! It was a smirk! I don't know who he was copying but he got me there. a smirk--- cool face!
so here.. a journal entry for Nakajima Kento :D such a cute kid..

 B.I. Shadow!!!!       Kento Nakajima

And so I was curious and downloaded some clips in Shokura last week... June 4?? and saw B.I. Shadow again :D *hooray~!* (i want toma and inoo in Shokura too)  He has talent! must I say... rapping and doing the second voice (just like Hikaru Yaotome, ne?) cool~!

He might be like him one day XD
i want to download their songs :D


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