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I see them coming!

(he has 2 versions and a Mamepoco stickers too)

(Did you know that Mafuteru now has a theme which you can dowload in LINE? It's really pretty)
(He also made a fried prawn stickers.. wwww... why mafumafu why?? he even attacked Soraru once with these stickers :P)

here's Mafuteru's theme in LINE

(Masamune-kun kawaii desu yo~~!!!)

(this is one of my favoites though and I love using this)
More LINE stickers here )


Jan. 9th, 2016 12:32 pm
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 photo michanxdasoku.gif

 photo dasokuxmichan1.gif

My favorite!! Woohooo.. Miichan and Dasoku~! 

I really envy the girl!!!

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So I therefore conclude that there are a lot of
uatite and vocalop line stickers/ stamp.

The first I learned of was Mafumafu-kun's Mafuteru

and then there were a lot that came out of the search engine afterwards
I found MikitoP's tamago aka Mikitamago!!

Kogeinu-san Stickers

96Neko as well :D She has stickers!!!!

mao-chan and SIN


and then the vocaloid stuff!!

When will Amatsuki-san have his own stickers?? I want!!!
Masamune-kun faster please!!
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Happy New Year everyone! 2014 was indeed a great year!
Amatsuki's major debut~
Inoo Kei!!
This year was Frozen right? My SoraLon feels! Love is an Open Door
And then there's Samurai X (KAMIKII!!!!)
I was able to see Rurouni Kenshin in flesh with my friend!!
And I was able to draw a lot as well this year (^o^)
I want to see Osamuraisan!! >.<
Though I'm still sad about AFA2014 in Singapore (since I wasn't able to go)
Kashi-san!! Amatsuki-san!!! RootFive!! :(( GERO!! I wasn't able to see you guys but someday for sure, I'll meet you all (T__T)
and that will be my wish for 2015!
Also I have been getting this news that Inoo Kei is gay.
I don't mind though. May he be a real man or if he's a half.
I don't mind. ~(^o^~) I still like Inoo Kei as he is.
(or maybe because I have read some BL stuff that it ain't a
bother anymore???) Inoo be happy!!! build a house for me!

miss you guys! [livejournal.com profile] slants_of_light [livejournal.com profile] tuj_aerish HAPPY FLAILING!!!

By the way, I just finished watching InuxBoku SS (ANIME)
and it was awesome! espeially the OVA ~(^o^~)
I laughed so hard. they were all so adorable :D
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Minna! Hisashiburi!! I feel so bad with not updating myself for so long.
I don't know anything anymore.
(but I still got to watch L-DK movie and I will watch Seikyuu Yankees
afterwards because of Chiba Yudai) o(//////)o
Yes.. I am now crushing on this guy! Honey-sempai in Ouran High Jdrama.
He's adorable!! even if he's already 25 y/o ~(^o^~)

Anyway. I actually don't know anything anymore. (T_T)
Hey Say Jump just had their S3art Concert, right? and just
recently I started listening to their new songs. (all the feels)
Inoo, Daiki and.. was that Keito? singing the "Idol Idol" reminded me
of the girl band BabyMetal. I'm sorry but I really did not like that song (>.<)
Also.. JUMP is... having this variety show? how? when? where? and why?
What was that really?? O.o?? I need some updates.

And my NicoNico fandom. (T____T) WHAT HAPPENED? or what's happening???
and I just found out that VNSharing is dead?
How lnog have I been gone, seriously? O.o!!! I became so absorbed with my
work and with my church band practice that I haven't done any fangirly thing anymore.
I feel so pathetic. (T___T)

I need the fandom love. Where are the niconico fans? utaite fans? doko?!

Well, there are a few niconico artists who will have gigs on Christmas. Sako Tomohisa will have his one man
live? wouldn't he? and by the way, he already has an official LINE account!
so everyone should follow him. ~(^o^~) I do hope COF would have an account as well~ <3
I would love that. Amatsuki! Kashitaro Itou-san! Soraru-san please have LINE accounts!

and if you need a chatmate/ flailmate/ nicomate and JUMPmate add me in LINE as well "hansuke22" ~(*^-^*)~
let's talk about love~ hahaha!!

No, but seriously. What is happening netizens?! a lot of flail sites are going down.
mangatraders suddenly got hacked and now the site is dead.
VNSharing... suddenly went down as well.
And then real life is killing most fangirls so there have been less people here
in livejournal... or have they left LJ and went somewhere else?

There should be a niconico/ utaite/ vocaloid forum groups.
THERE SHOULD BE ONE! utaites and youtaites ~(^o^~)
and let the flailing begin.

Oh well... I'll just have to update myself this weekend with EVERYTHING!
and start stalking some new sites if there are any. i hope there would be.

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I have been meaning to post here for a very long time now.

so there. 

Hi everyone! Hansuke here.

A fangirl a ninja and an artist.

= I am a big fan of japanese stuff! I love anime and manga and I can't live a day 
without reading a manga volume (yes, volume) ~(^o^~)
I don't have a favorite right now but my favorite mangakas are Hino Matsuri,
CLAMP, Koge Donbo, Sakisaka Io... and a lot more :P 
yaoi fan here as well. haha. got influenced by my sempai back then :P

= VOCALOID! I love vocaloid! I love Len and Gumi!! I also listen to a lot of utaites!
My favorite would be COF, most especially Amatsuki and Kashitaro san.
I also like Soraru (SORALON!!) Shamuon(even though he quit already) Nano,
ShounenT (also known as Sako Tomohisa) RIB-SAN!! I love rib's voice~
"rib on rib on" hahaha. Also Wotamin, Ryo-kun and GLUTAMINE SAN!
My favorite enshoushitemitta would be Osamuraisan~ ~(^o^~)

=JE. My favorite would be Hey Say Jump! and my ichiban is Inoo Kei. ~(^o^~)

= I am a descendant~~

= my page would be
I mostly do digiart now but from time to time I do trad art :P

I hope to be active here and make a lot of friends!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!!

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And Osamuraisan posted a cover of Disney's Frozen "Let It Go"

I was anticipating this ever since he started tweeting "let it go" ~(^o^~)
haha!! so cute!! and his rendition is perfect!!!
AANNDD!! that cute panda is peeking and being the center of attraction in the video~
I wish he would cover more disney songs~ but vocaloid songs are cool as well~
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Lately there have been a lot of nico nico artists who have become well known
due to their collaboration songs in an anime.
The first I knew of was ShounenT as he sang the theme song for Kimi to Boku
shounent kimi to boku
Actually, it was this anime that hooked me to the utaite fandom *hello world*
He also sang the ending song of Zetsuen no Tempest as a debuted solo singer as Sako Tomohisa
But as much as I want him to sing.. I want him to try voice acting (^o^)/
Tkun will also sing the theme song for Meganebu
Aaanndd.. Everyone knows Nano who sang the op song of BtooooM, I definitely watched this anime
because of her and also.. to compare this anime to Battle Royal
Nano-san will also be singing the theme song for Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
btooom nano
And then there's Piko! ~(^o^~) He (yes... he's a he) sang Make my Day in Binbougami Ga. I haven't finished watching this
but it looks really funny (^o^)
BinbougamiGa2 piko
Soraru-san had a collaboration with Suzumu for Dangan Ronpa and I wish they'd have more
collaborations in the future!! :D
dangan ronpa soraru
RootFive also had a song in the Anime Saint Seya Omega and they were really hyped up about it.
I know Dasoku sang in an anime... I can't remember the anime though, he said that it was one of his favorite manga
and that he was very happy about it.
Saint Seiya Omega rootfive
And the anime that I am watching currently is Brothers COoflict with Gero's beautiful voice and HoneyWorks!!!!! I love HoneyWorks and Gero's voice jus ttoo pure and smooth~! <3
Brothers-Conflict-OP-1-4 gero honey works
I want more utaites to sing a theme song of an anime!!
Like Amatsuki!! what if Amatsuki sings in the anime Amatsuki? <3 <3 And I want SoraLon too~


Feb. 17th, 2013 05:33 pm
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His new PV looks so cool (or is this his very first
PV wherein he showed himself?) I am kinda excited for the release of his album!
I want to buy it, I wonder how much it will cost.


Sep. 27th, 2012 12:33 pm
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So yesterday, I was able tow atch Nicoraji with Sako Tomohisa as guest! \(^o^)/
You just don't know how much that made me happy~!
his newest pv (kimi koi calendar) was aired as well
pastel colors really suit him!! And I really adore his voice!
Photobucket Photobucket
And right after nicoraji, Osamuraisan had his namahasou~! \(^o^)/ banzai!!!
though, my internet was so laggy that I wasn't able to listen to him sing properly T___T
But I caught a bit of his "Linne" thus I searched for it in youtube just to find his collaboration with Glutamine.. and now I'm addicted to it! and his guitar cover was AWESOME!!! HE BECAME A NINJA!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!! O___O OSAMURAISAN IS REALLY AWESOME!!!


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