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I see them coming!

(he has 2 versions and a Mamepoco stickers too)

(Did you know that Mafuteru now has a theme which you can dowload in LINE? It's really pretty)
(He also made a fried prawn stickers.. wwww... why mafumafu why?? he even attacked Soraru once with these stickers :P)

here's Mafuteru's theme in LINE

(Masamune-kun kawaii desu yo~~!!!)

(this is one of my favoites though and I love using this)
More LINE stickers here )
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Minna! Hisashiburi!! I feel so bad with not updating myself for so long.
I don't know anything anymore.
(but I still got to watch L-DK movie and I will watch Seikyuu Yankees
afterwards because of Chiba Yudai) o(//////)o
Yes.. I am now crushing on this guy! Honey-sempai in Ouran High Jdrama.
He's adorable!! even if he's already 25 y/o ~(^o^~)

Anyway. I actually don't know anything anymore. (T_T)
Hey Say Jump just had their S3art Concert, right? and just
recently I started listening to their new songs. (all the feels)
Inoo, Daiki and.. was that Keito? singing the "Idol Idol" reminded me
of the girl band BabyMetal. I'm sorry but I really did not like that song (>.<)
Also.. JUMP is... having this variety show? how? when? where? and why?
What was that really?? O.o?? I need some updates.

And my NicoNico fandom. (T____T) WHAT HAPPENED? or what's happening???
and I just found out that VNSharing is dead?
How lnog have I been gone, seriously? O.o!!! I became so absorbed with my
work and with my church band practice that I haven't done any fangirly thing anymore.
I feel so pathetic. (T___T)

I need the fandom love. Where are the niconico fans? utaite fans? doko?!

Well, there are a few niconico artists who will have gigs on Christmas. Sako Tomohisa will have his one man
live? wouldn't he? and by the way, he already has an official LINE account!
so everyone should follow him. ~(^o^~) I do hope COF would have an account as well~ <3
I would love that. Amatsuki! Kashitaro Itou-san! Soraru-san please have LINE accounts!

and if you need a chatmate/ flailmate/ nicomate and JUMPmate add me in LINE as well "hansuke22" ~(*^-^*)~
let's talk about love~ hahaha!!

No, but seriously. What is happening netizens?! a lot of flail sites are going down.
mangatraders suddenly got hacked and now the site is dead.
VNSharing... suddenly went down as well.
And then real life is killing most fangirls so there have been less people here
in livejournal... or have they left LJ and went somewhere else?

There should be a niconico/ utaite/ vocaloid forum groups.
THERE SHOULD BE ONE! utaites and youtaites ~(^o^~)
and let the flailing begin.

Oh well... I'll just have to update myself this weekend with EVERYTHING!
and start stalking some new sites if there are any. i hope there would be.


May. 15th, 2014 05:57 pm
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I watched Nico Nico CHOParty III and after the long awaited journey in this concert
All my feels and I can't help but squeal! AHH!! Amatsuki's so cute!! He's so cute~~!!
Un:C was so hyper at the beginning jumping and singing~
kkkyyyaaa!! and Hashiyan's so cute when he did the peace sign between Amatsuki and Un;C
Kashitaro's still wearing his red jacket~! cho kawaii!! and Kony~ and Kony's still the same all cute and
funky~!And Amatsuki's still so cool~~ By the way, they sang "LINK" for the first song.
Their second song was.. well. :CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: and un:c's so cute~
I shall never regret downloading this! I feel so happy~
And Un:C's still jumping! ahahahahaha!! kawaii!! maji kawaii~
2 songs ended in a flash *A*

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And yes, I have totally fallen for him and his shota voice.
Last week, I recorded/ time shifted his nama wherein he announced his debut and
he will release a mini album this coming July 16, 2014 with King Records. I am so happy for you Ama-chan!
The title of his album is "Hello World" and it has a fantasy theme songs~ I am really looking forward to it
that I went ahead and pre-ordered his album! Seriously, it's my first time buying an album.
Omedetou Ama-chan on your debut!! And I hope you'll sing a lot more songs and will stay strong with COF!
I didn't even buy a single or album of Hey Say Jump. and here I am using my savings for his album.
A few songs revealed are:
Shounen to Mahou no Robot by 40mp
Yue Miru Buriki (Amatsuki, MafuMafu and Sasaki Yutaka)
Sekai ni Mannaka (Tokotoko)
Cosmonaut (LeftyMonsterP)
Title Mitei (Watanabe Shou and Nakayama Masato)
Fairytale (buzzG)
Hello, World (Amatsuki, Yurin)
And I feel like it will be like Soraru and Mafumafu's Sora iro Maffler album.
I am anticipating this one as well since it's a first for Soraru and Mafumafu to have a collab like this!
I can't stop flailing!!! I want July to come soon!! and ahh.. DVD of your one-man live please~~!! All of these makes me want to buy
his wristband!! >.<


By the way, I made another drawing~ so please do check it out here:


Jan. 17th, 2014 10:19 pm
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for the first time in ages!!! Since it was on a friday, I don't know why I did not manage to
watch it before. CIRCLE OF FRIDAY (FRIENDS)
THE FACES!!!! wwwwwwww Kashitaro looks so cute~! and Kony's epic face when the radioshow started!
HAHA! I was laughing so hard the whole time and Hashiyan came in late ~(^o^~)
Recently I found out that they have a DVD Tour and I'm thinking if I should buy it. The shipping fee doesn't sound
so enticing when you think about it, but ahhhh... I really like Circle of Friends <3
Most especially
Amatsuki's blushing face~! KKKYYYAAAA!! You just made my day Amachu!
He's totally red!! Just because a 15 y/o girl said that she's Amatsuki's die hard fan!
I AM A FAN TOO!!!!! so cute~!
AHAHAHA!!!! I shall tune in to the next #c_o_f CIRCLE OF FRIDAY~!

everyone should watch it too! Every friday 10:00pm Japan time ~(^o^~)


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