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And I know it's late and I am terribly sad about this one!
I can't go to Singapore!
To think that Kashitarou-san, Amatsuki-san and even Root5 will be there!
ALL MY FEELS!! I was so depressed a while ago.
Anyway, i told my mom that I want to go to Singapore this Dec 5-7
so she checked how much our flight tickets would be but then again..
it was too expensive that she said, we'll go there next time.
SO SAD!!! But I really do hope we'll go to Japan this coming April 2015
By then I'm pretty sure some utaites would have some one-man live or
concerts... right?? right?!?!?!

Who's going anyway? Anyone here in LJ?!
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Lately there have been a lot of nico nico artists who have become well known
due to their collaboration songs in an anime.
The first I knew of was ShounenT as he sang the theme song for Kimi to Boku
shounent kimi to boku
Actually, it was this anime that hooked me to the utaite fandom *hello world*
He also sang the ending song of Zetsuen no Tempest as a debuted solo singer as Sako Tomohisa
But as much as I want him to sing.. I want him to try voice acting (^o^)/
Tkun will also sing the theme song for Meganebu
Aaanndd.. Everyone knows Nano who sang the op song of BtooooM, I definitely watched this anime
because of her and also.. to compare this anime to Battle Royal
Nano-san will also be singing the theme song for Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
btooom nano
And then there's Piko! ~(^o^~) He (yes... he's a he) sang Make my Day in Binbougami Ga. I haven't finished watching this
but it looks really funny (^o^)
BinbougamiGa2 piko
Soraru-san had a collaboration with Suzumu for Dangan Ronpa and I wish they'd have more
collaborations in the future!! :D
dangan ronpa soraru
RootFive also had a song in the Anime Saint Seya Omega and they were really hyped up about it.
I know Dasoku sang in an anime... I can't remember the anime though, he said that it was one of his favorite manga
and that he was very happy about it.
Saint Seiya Omega rootfive
And the anime that I am watching currently is Brothers COoflict with Gero's beautiful voice and HoneyWorks!!!!! I love HoneyWorks and Gero's voice jus ttoo pure and smooth~! <3
Brothers-Conflict-OP-1-4 gero honey works
I want more utaites to sing a theme song of an anime!!
Like Amatsuki!! what if Amatsuki sings in the anime Amatsuki? <3 <3 And I want SoraLon too~
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This is definitely one of the best videos RootFive has!

I remember Arashi having that Mannequin episodes? O.o?
I feel that this is rootfive's revenge on Koma'n!
They played him well!! especially Kettaro!! wwwwwww
better watch the middle part! Poor Kettan :P I can't stop laughing!!!!

My other favorite would be this! Seriously, RootFive only fools around too much
and Dasoku is too adorkable~ XD
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Ok, so I made these gifs for a banner but Photoshop crashed on me.. maybe because it was too heavy? o(O.o)? so I'll just post them all here in a journal entry.

this was the trial version.. when I uploaded it as a banner here in livejournal.. it got smaller.. I wonder why. (O.O)

(I added Inoo's picture to remind me that he is STILL MY ICHIBAN) and yes... my ichiban forever!!! >..> spread your love!! I miss you in every show T____T (not to mention.. when you graduate, please be in a drama :D pretty please~!) :P

you've probably heard of rootfive already? I found this video (PV) in youtube and made the gifs. I love the pv!! it was awesome~! but recently, I am addicted to their song "Love Doctor"

And then there's Sako Tomohisa <3 <3 <3
If anyone here is a fan.. OH PLEASE TALK TO ME!!! I NEED A FLAIL MATE!!

I really love his voice! <3 it's soothing and too angelic!!
and if you guys have any twitter account, come and follow me.. I need JE and niconico flailmates~! YATTA~!

OH OH OH!! I am also Samuraisan's fan :heart: I love how he makes his guitar sing.. and I love watching his namahasou~! he sings.. 88888888888888888888888888



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