Jan. 9th, 2016 12:10 pm
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tanggal stress
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And I know it's late and I am terribly sad about this one!
I can't go to Singapore!
To think that Kashitarou-san, Amatsuki-san and even Root5 will be there!
ALL MY FEELS!! I was so depressed a while ago.
Anyway, i told my mom that I want to go to Singapore this Dec 5-7
so she checked how much our flight tickets would be but then again..
it was too expensive that she said, we'll go there next time.
SO SAD!!! But I really do hope we'll go to Japan this coming April 2015
By then I'm pretty sure some utaites would have some one-man live or
concerts... right?? right?!?!?!

Who's going anyway? Anyone here in LJ?!
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And it's official.
Shamuon has left NND as stated in his blog last March 17, 2014 (http://ameblo.jp/sham-on/)
It was a shock since I was seriously hoping that he would be back
(even posting about shamuon on twitter everyday and looking for news about him.
waiting patiently like other fans as well and checking his website)
and everything would be alright. but what can we do?
It is his own decision to quit all these net activities and probably just live
a normal life somewhere in Tokyo.
So now, even with a saddened heart I shall still continue to support him even as not as Shamuon.
GANBATTE BB!!! though I still wish that he would continue singing
as he was. just like that. since for sure, he really loves singing and I hope he won't
have any regrets with his decision. Ahh... but if he does wishes to come back to NicoNico.
then why not? supporters here are ready to support!
And really. he should... MUST!! be still good friends with other utaites like Amatsuki, Kony and Mi-chan
I'm sure these guys are sad as well.


Sep. 18th, 2013 05:59 pm
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Am I the only one who's envious of this girl?!

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Lately there have been a lot of nico nico artists who have become well known
due to their collaboration songs in an anime.
The first I knew of was ShounenT as he sang the theme song for Kimi to Boku
shounent kimi to boku
Actually, it was this anime that hooked me to the utaite fandom *hello world*
He also sang the ending song of Zetsuen no Tempest as a debuted solo singer as Sako Tomohisa
But as much as I want him to sing.. I want him to try voice acting (^o^)/
Tkun will also sing the theme song for Meganebu
Aaanndd.. Everyone knows Nano who sang the op song of BtooooM, I definitely watched this anime
because of her and also.. to compare this anime to Battle Royal
Nano-san will also be singing the theme song for Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
btooom nano
And then there's Piko! ~(^o^~) He (yes... he's a he) sang Make my Day in Binbougami Ga. I haven't finished watching this
but it looks really funny (^o^)
BinbougamiGa2 piko
Soraru-san had a collaboration with Suzumu for Dangan Ronpa and I wish they'd have more
collaborations in the future!! :D
dangan ronpa soraru
RootFive also had a song in the Anime Saint Seya Omega and they were really hyped up about it.
I know Dasoku sang in an anime... I can't remember the anime though, he said that it was one of his favorite manga
and that he was very happy about it.
Saint Seiya Omega rootfive
And the anime that I am watching currently is Brothers COoflict with Gero's beautiful voice and HoneyWorks!!!!! I love HoneyWorks and Gero's voice jus ttoo pure and smooth~! <3
Brothers-Conflict-OP-1-4 gero honey works
I want more utaites to sing a theme song of an anime!!
Like Amatsuki!! what if Amatsuki sings in the anime Amatsuki? <3 <3 And I want SoraLon too~
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This is definitely one of the best videos RootFive has!

I remember Arashi having that Mannequin episodes? O.o?
I feel that this is rootfive's revenge on Koma'n!
They played him well!! especially Kettaro!! wwwwwww
better watch the middle part! Poor Kettan :P I can't stop laughing!!!!

My other favorite would be this! Seriously, RootFive only fools around too much
and Dasoku is too adorkable~ XD
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Ok, so I made these gifs for a banner but Photoshop crashed on me.. maybe because it was too heavy? o(O.o)? so I'll just post them all here in a journal entry.

this was the trial version.. when I uploaded it as a banner here in livejournal.. it got smaller.. I wonder why. (O.O)

(I added Inoo's picture to remind me that he is STILL MY ICHIBAN) and yes... my ichiban forever!!! >..> spread your love!! I miss you in every show T____T (not to mention.. when you graduate, please be in a drama :D pretty please~!) :P

you've probably heard of rootfive already? I found this video (PV) in youtube and made the gifs. I love the pv!! it was awesome~! but recently, I am addicted to their song "Love Doctor"

And then there's Sako Tomohisa <3 <3 <3
If anyone here is a fan.. OH PLEASE TALK TO ME!!! I NEED A FLAIL MATE!!

I really love his voice! <3 it's soothing and too angelic!!
and if you guys have any twitter account, come and follow me.. I need JE and niconico flailmates~! YATTA~!

OH OH OH!! I am also Samuraisan's fan :heart: I love how he makes his guitar sing.. and I love watching his namahasou~! he sings.. 88888888888888888888888888



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