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Jan. 3rd, 2015 04:14 pm
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2015 and I was flailing until I got news that Ryo-kun, one of my
most favorite utaites, anounced that he will retire as an utaite this 2015.
it totally came as a big shock and I haven't been playing any other songs than what he covered.
I don't want him to quit ~(T__T)~unless he'd be marrying maro-kun then that's fine
but I wonder what's his reason for quitting. Like, he has such a lively awesome voice.
And then this. (T__T) Though I'm pretty sure he has some valid reasons with his decision.
like, marrying maro-kun or baru-chan or work probably and real life.
But it's just sad. 2014 was like Shamuon-kun (and I'm still sad about it) now Ryo-kun.
I haven't been to ETA and I haven't been to his one-man live. (~.~) I was really hoping that
I would be able to be in one in the near future. but I guess that it's impossible now.
I hope he'd be happy with his decision. really. be happy Ryo-kun.
I'll be cheering you on!!!!
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And it's official.
Shamuon has left NND as stated in his blog last March 17, 2014 (http://ameblo.jp/sham-on/)
It was a shock since I was seriously hoping that he would be back
(even posting about shamuon on twitter everyday and looking for news about him.
waiting patiently like other fans as well and checking his website)
and everything would be alright. but what can we do?
It is his own decision to quit all these net activities and probably just live
a normal life somewhere in Tokyo.
So now, even with a saddened heart I shall still continue to support him even as not as Shamuon.
GANBATTE BB!!! though I still wish that he would continue singing
as he was. just like that. since for sure, he really loves singing and I hope he won't
have any regrets with his decision. Ahh... but if he does wishes to come back to NicoNico.
then why not? supporters here are ready to support!
And really. he should... MUST!! be still good friends with other utaites like Amatsuki, Kony and Mi-chan
I'm sure these guys are sad as well.

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Oct. 26th, 2013 02:20 pm
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So a few days ago my friend sent me this picture in LINE
Where did this come from?! Will he pose in An-An next? O.o? Like.. look at all these pictures
403400_562302520453886_1734128282_n IMG_0002
and even if he is wearing clothes
Johnny-san what are you doing with my precious princess?!?! Inoo might become an AV actress!! *OMG!*
Kidding aside.. When will he have a drama? or what just happened to Hey Say Jump?
I'm not hearing anything from them? Well, Yuto had a drama and Chinen too and Yamada has hispart 2 of that Detective Movie
But what about Hey Say Best? Inoo please! You're not a college student anymore so do something!! >.<
Anyway, I showed this picture back then and I suddenly saw it again. They just look like each other! O.O!
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Summer is eating me whole. the heat. the meet ups with friends. being a house maid...
and all the flailing I must do before I start with my job hunt!
A few days ago, I and my kambal [livejournal.com profile] slants_of_light went to Ozinefest 2013 (^o^)

The picture was taken inside the washroom :P LOL~ I was to concious with cosplaying since it was
just my second time and my costume seemed to shrink. O.o Waaa kambal! maraming salamat sa regalo at sa pagsama sa akin
na imeet si sempai (^o^)

 and I met with my sempai who is an artist (online friend for i think 7 years?)

Her drawings are really pretty! I wish I can draw as well as her XD Sadly though I was only there for a couple of hours since I must be at my mom's office by 5pm to have dinner with the family and my uncle from U.S.

Anyway, I have a few projects this summer. I am continuing with my Hey Say Jump shimejis and as of now, I am making a draft of
Hikaru Yaotome (^o^) Hopefully, I can finish all the base by this week and then color it by next week (^o^) After Hikaru, I will make a shimeji of Yuto Nakajima ^_^ i'm alternating HSBest and HS7 for this. Also, I am writing a fumaken fanfic for my sister. I hope all of these would turn out well :D AAAANNNDDD!!! SHAMUON SERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE INOO KEI!!! GGGAAAAHHH!!!! *flails big time*

THIS!!!!! Mushroom just hooked me with this dance of his!! I really love Calc and then he just made a dance cover!
I FELL IN LOVE <3 <3 <3 everyone must watch this :D haha! If only I'm good at dancing then I could have tried this but sadly
I am a bad dancer :)) =)) so ima just share this ^-^

Lastly.. watch anime everyone! Uta no Prince sama already has a second season and it surely is funky! I love the opening and ending songs!
And then there's Chihayafuru, a must watch as well. (^______________^)
Plus!! Hutner x Hunter 2011 is already done with Greed Island, they're about to start with the .. antic? arctic? those parts with big bugs!
but then.. when will they show Kurapika? I want to see him already (T___T)
shamuon's pic: https://twitter.com/25SongMATE/status/323048025306062849


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