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Finally!!! I'm watching Ao Haru Ride Live Action!!
Here it is! Here it is!! But I would really prefer it if Mabuchi Kou is Yamazaki Kento!

I am anticipating Death Note drama!!! I'm happy that Kento would be in it but I
really anticipated Inoo to be L (>.<)I want more Inoo dramas!!
Ahh.. and there's Kamisama no Iutoori Desu! It was a great live action and
Kamiki is so cool! ~(^o^~) He's so cool!!
By the way!! I am back!

I just came from Japan and America. I had fun touring around and buying lots of stuff.

I also saw Robie House by Frank Llloyd Wright! He's a legendary Architect and
seeing this house is like going to Mecca for Architects like me ~(^o^~)
(Anyway, they stil thought that I was a 12-year old girl in America
and they won't give me any wine or hard drinks unless I show them an I.D or something)
Now what did I miss?? Niconico stuff and Osamurai-san stuff and Soraru's pictures in twitter and AMATSUKI AND SHOUNENT going to the beach!! OMG OMG!
they won't show pictures of themselves wearing any swimming trunks!
I wanna see!!! >.< >.< >.<
I am back and definitely flailing!!


Jan. 4th, 2014 05:48 pm
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I just saw this picture and
Tkun santa
this is just so!!!!!
holy smokes let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wwwwwww MJD?!
Any fan who would see this would just flail and take this kiddo home!
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And yes, I'm talking about Ashe.
I have been a fan since maybe last last year?
but I like Ashe if he sings Vocaloid songs
and this is his latest cover
Cool, huh? And he mixed it with ShounenT's guitar cover!
I really love ShounenT~!

and here's another one :D I find this totally awesome!
Osamuraisan and his pretty hands *ahem* guitar cover

Dude, if you're not a fan then you'll be one.. definitely
If you just click the video right now~!

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Lately there have been a lot of nico nico artists who have become well known
due to their collaboration songs in an anime.
The first I knew of was ShounenT as he sang the theme song for Kimi to Boku
shounent kimi to boku
Actually, it was this anime that hooked me to the utaite fandom *hello world*
He also sang the ending song of Zetsuen no Tempest as a debuted solo singer as Sako Tomohisa
But as much as I want him to sing.. I want him to try voice acting (^o^)/
Tkun will also sing the theme song for Meganebu
Aaanndd.. Everyone knows Nano who sang the op song of BtooooM, I definitely watched this anime
because of her and also.. to compare this anime to Battle Royal
Nano-san will also be singing the theme song for Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
btooom nano
And then there's Piko! ~(^o^~) He (yes... he's a he) sang Make my Day in Binbougami Ga. I haven't finished watching this
but it looks really funny (^o^)
BinbougamiGa2 piko
Soraru-san had a collaboration with Suzumu for Dangan Ronpa and I wish they'd have more
collaborations in the future!! :D
dangan ronpa soraru
RootFive also had a song in the Anime Saint Seya Omega and they were really hyped up about it.
I know Dasoku sang in an anime... I can't remember the anime though, he said that it was one of his favorite manga
and that he was very happy about it.
Saint Seiya Omega rootfive
And the anime that I am watching currently is Brothers COoflict with Gero's beautiful voice and HoneyWorks!!!!! I love HoneyWorks and Gero's voice jus ttoo pure and smooth~! <3
Brothers-Conflict-OP-1-4 gero honey works
I want more utaites to sing a theme song of an anime!!
Like Amatsuki!! what if Amatsuki sings in the anime Amatsuki? <3 <3 And I want SoraLon too~
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I'm back! I haven't made an entry about my trip to Japan but I'll son post one (^o^)

I'm just a bit busy with real life and job hunting :P
But I'm here to share some magazine scans of Ikemen boys~ <3 <3 <3
I bought 2 Junon magazines sadly I wasn't able to find any song matebut I'm glad I found this before
I went home from my vacation trip~ (^______________^)

Koike Teppei- I really miss this guy, does he even have any dramas or movies right now?

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?uv1kf16o3rojoea

Haruma Miura

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?dvucdyt5juaahip

ShounenT/ Sako Tomohisa- A few days ago in his twitter, he said he has a recording session.. does that mean that he has a new single? (^o^)

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?70f3h2rzyttfgee

Gero- this is for my friend [livejournal.com profile] tuj_aerish look how he stares right at you (///////////)

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?47nqi9apdd947wp

Pictures are from Junon June Issue. If anyone is willing to make an english translation of these pages.. PLEASE DO~ I really want to know what they're talking about~~

Will be password locked in a week (^o^)

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Ok, so I made these gifs for a banner but Photoshop crashed on me.. maybe because it was too heavy? o(O.o)? so I'll just post them all here in a journal entry.

this was the trial version.. when I uploaded it as a banner here in livejournal.. it got smaller.. I wonder why. (O.O)

(I added Inoo's picture to remind me that he is STILL MY ICHIBAN) and yes... my ichiban forever!!! >..> spread your love!! I miss you in every show T____T (not to mention.. when you graduate, please be in a drama :D pretty please~!) :P

you've probably heard of rootfive already? I found this video (PV) in youtube and made the gifs. I love the pv!! it was awesome~! but recently, I am addicted to their song "Love Doctor"

And then there's Sako Tomohisa <3 <3 <3
If anyone here is a fan.. OH PLEASE TALK TO ME!!! I NEED A FLAIL MATE!!

I really love his voice! <3 it's soothing and too angelic!!
and if you guys have any twitter account, come and follow me.. I need JE and niconico flailmates~! YATTA~!

OH OH OH!! I am also Samuraisan's fan :heart: I love how he makes his guitar sing.. and I love watching his namahasou~! he sings.. 88888888888888888888888888



Jul. 30th, 2012 03:44 pm
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Just by being friends is enough
That’s what I thought
Before he held your hands
On that Friday after class

I wonder what this feeling is
If it’s jealousy—I don’t know
If it’s sadness—it’s mortifying
But one thing I know is that
You’re not here by my side anymore
And it unfolds the loneliness in my heart

Hey, please stop
These feelings I cannot contain
The tears that keep on flowing
Why did I realize it too late
And now,
There’s nothing more I can do

Under the orange sunset sky
I remember your many faces
You, smiling by my side
Getting angry, crying in a fit
Deliberately making a funny face
Maybe I wouldn't see them anymore

I wonder what this feeling is
If it’s jealousy—I don’t know
If it’s sadness—it’s mortifying
But one thing I know is that
You’re not here by my side anymore
And it unfolds the loneliness in my heart

The sunset fades into the night sky
They blur and sparkle like a thousand rain drops
As I write these words in a single verse
Into a melody of a sad love song

And then someday, if I find my courage
I’ll let this song reach you
Let the wind carry this trembling voice
And the feelings I have kept for you


Jul. 16th, 2012 11:06 pm
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This is my new crush~! Sako TOmohisa (ShounenT)

And that's the same thing i wanna do right now...

SLEEP!!! gosh I just got home from school... took a bath.. took my medicine.. 
and now... I'm so sleepy.. (+.+) So there.. I'll just do my thesis... THESIS... tomorrow for the
whole day >.<  


[livejournal.com profile] slants_of_light nico nico douga~!

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So whether it's about doodling or listening to his songs..

Yeah... I am kinda infatuated ever since I heard his song in Kimi to Boku 2 "Zutto" 
(sad thing is that, the anime has ended T__T)
but I get to listen to T-kun's songs everyday :D :D
This is my doodle in school while having math class (actually the doodle was the very first image here in this journal entry)

I just photoshoped it a bit when I got home and VIOLA~! T-kun's my Panda Hero~! :D :D


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