Sep. 24th, 2011 09:11 pm
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Happy Anniversary to my Beloved Hey Say Jump~!
KAMPAI! Let's eat cakes and drink colas~!

And this is my PP (profile picture) in facebook for a while since it's JUMP-10 time XD
 More or less it has been four whole years since Hey Say Jump has debuted.

Chinen was so cute back then but now he's so cool
He has been challenging himself with his acrobatic skills :D
Yamada is still cool as ever, his dance moves are getting better each time
and his voice rocks~! but I still miss the little him in Tantei Q
Ryutaro is not using the red gradeschool backpack anymore :D and I hope he's doing well in school
(ai tai ryu-chan!)
Yuto... YUTO!!! He grew so HANDSOME! O.O! and he was eventually so cute in Nobuta wo Produce
as Kame's little brother what's with the growth spurt? and the drums! XD KAKKOI!
Keito, the english dude~! he has been building up his body, noh?
and he plays the guitar so well! I am impressed XD
Takaki.. more and more hairstyles.
I miss his Kumo no Ito XP
Daiki-chan~! so cute! up until now XD
It's ok if you don't grow anymore, there's still a lot of fans flailing over you!
Yabu! you're still thin as ever, but we don't mind! You still rock
and do more theatres! (i forgot what that was called O_o)
Hikaru and his blonde ringo hair ^__^ Ain't he lovely?
<3 <3 I really love this talented punk!
Inoo my love so sweet~! <3 <3 <3 now in college and studying
real hard! GAMBATTE NE!
Happy Anniversary Hey Say Jump! keep on growing strong!
Jump-10 forever!

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Yeah I know.. most of you have
ahready posted something
about this topic-- but I
still want to write about it!!
<3 <3 <3

Korean: You're Beautiful will have a
japanese version too
and take note

Hikaru Yaotome

is one of the lead characters
probably the supporting actor
but still!!


and after Orthros no Inu
he's back to business!
Ican't wait to see this and download it as soon as possible!!


Did anyone join the Green Boys Project?
I did :D and I have already submitted
a picture of me and two of my closest
friends in college :D and our picture is in the
seventh page :D

I'm so happy for that! ^___^ GO JAPAN!!


Ny the way, Inoo Kei's birthday is near~! <3 <3 <3

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Last sunday night I was watching Shounen Club (Shokura) *flail flail*

But what cought my attention (as i ran from my room to the sala and saw the television open and found that it was already in JR Coluseum and saw Nakajima Kento (rist time close up) and smirked....



I TELL YOU!! It was a smirk! I don't know who he was copying but he got me there. a smirk--- cool face!
so here.. a journal entry for Nakajima Kento :D such a cute kid..

 B.I. Shadow!!!!       Kento Nakajima

And so I was curious and downloaded some clips in Shokura last week... June 4?? and saw B.I. Shadow again :D *hooray~!* (i want toma and inoo in Shokura too)  He has talent! must I say... rapping and doing the second voice (just like Hikaru Yaotome, ne?) cool~!

He might be like him one day XD
i want to download their songs :D


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